Bering Resolution Videos – 2015 Texas Annual Conference

June 10, 2015

The congregation at Bering Memorial put forth two resolutions at the May 2015 session of The Texas Annual Conference to move the church toward full inclusion and equality.

The first resolution dealt with marriage equality and being able to perform ceremonies in the sanctuaries of our churches. William and Jim spoke to this need.

The second were several clergy issues which dealt with everything from who can and cannot be ordained to how pastors can minister to all of the people in their congregations, especially those in the LGBT community. My longtime friend, Rev. Jim Foster, spoke to this issue.

When I entered the ministry, I never dreamed I would ever be a part of the legislative process in trying to change our Book of DisciplineGod is full of surprises! Accept these offerings from our church not as fodder for discussion. This is a real issue which affect the daily lives people who grace the doors of our congregations.

Peace be with you.

Rev J. Ernie Turney

Senior Pastor

Bering Memorial United Methodist Church

Houston, TX

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